About Mel Blohm

Mel Blohm’s background in design has led him down many paths, but his focus on innovation and strategic development of brands and their campaigns has been the most exciting. Emphasizing the storytelling of each brand allows for a personal connection that makes his work more enjoyable. This storytelling also gives consumers something they can relate to besides the need for a particular product or service. While storytelling is incredibly important, so is proving campaign success. During a discovery session, a series of questions is asked that walks through the story of your brand as well has how you measure success internally. The combination of these all aim to prove the success of your campaign through conversions and other KPI’s, which has been paramount to his success.

His passion for art and design was handed down from his parents, who were very creative individuals. They were crucial in the development of his creativity. Melvin Blohm said,”When I was a kid my parents went out of their way to make sure I was exposed to a variety of different experiences including trips out East, hunting & fishing, art museums, and much more.” His parents were very supportive of anything he wanted to try. They encouraged him to explore the world around him, and treat others the way he would want to be treated.

These are the values he now shares with his own son.