Best New Years Resolution, EVER!

New Years Resolutions Range from Getting Healthy to Traveling More.

However, creating and sticking with a resolution that is vague is tough. There isn’t a clear starting or ending point. The success of the resolution is completely unmeasurable.

What does success look like?

This question is very personal. It actually gives accountability to your goal. It lists an exact timeframe or goal where success or failure happens. When a defined success pattern is laid out the reality of failure rears its head and immediately causes hesitation in pursuing the stated goal.
If learn new hobbies is the New Years Resolution, break this into manageable pieces. For instance, the resolution could be “Learn 12 New Hobbies This Year”. This would allow time to explore one hobby a month for the whole year. By time the year ends the goal will have yeilded new interests and a slew of other benefits.

If this is still to tough to accomplish, break the month down into four mini one week challenges. These are easier to accomplish and more rewarding.

Weekly Goal Example:

#1 Research The Hobby

Research the hobby in every way possible. Talk to experts, go to the library, visit somewhere relevant to the hobby.

#2 Learn The Hobby

Obviously there are online resources like YouTube, Instructables, and Pinterest. However think of non-traditional ways to learn the hobby. Rent a How-to video, Go to a hardware store and talk to an expert, visit a library, join a industry specific group.

#3 Try The Hobby

  1. Now is the time to dig in deep. Take everything you learned from step one and two, now apply it.
    • Push through any frustrations
    • If it looks bad – Finish it anyways
    • The best way to learn is to fail

#4 Share The Hobby

  1. This is the most important part of these steps. If you don’t celebrate your failures and successes then you will fell unfulfilled, like this is a pointless act.
  2. Unfiltered critique of your project is key. It helps you learn.
  3. Don’t get mad at comments made. Internalize them as a learning lesson and apply it to the next months project.

While becoming an expert with these one month hobby experiments is difficult, but it lays the groundwork for further exploration.

Top Five Resolutions 2017

  • Getting Healthy

  • Getting Organized

  • Live Life To The Fullest

  • Learn New Hobbies

  • Spend Less | Save More

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