Biggby Coffee Franchise Study

The initial discussions were around bringing new candidates into the BIGGBY® franchising world by way of Discovery Day signups (whether via phone, email, or form fill).

Before launch of the campaign a recommendation was made to revamp the BIGGBY® franchise web page to streamline the form fills and add proper tracking code to prove campaign success.

Despite several failed attempts to have BIGGBY® enhance the franchise landing page before being launched, the campaign went live and faltered. Several heated months went by. The campaign continued to struggle, and even more adjustments were identified through the campaign reports, but none were approved.

Ultimately, BIGGBY® agreed to having a new franchise page built and allowed additional display creative to run. The revamped landing page was converting more than expected and new display ads were showing great results as they continued to be optimized.

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Just creating a new website with streamlined UX isn’t the reason for the campaigns success.

Focusing on existing franchise owners to connect with potential investors is was what ultimately won over our target market. The transparency behind the existing owners own struggles, successes, and support of the BIGGBY® family gave a heightened sense of trust among the people interacting with the campaign. This personal connection along with newly generated content to show what is to be expected of the Discovery Day participants after they signed up gave them something to get excited for.

In the end, BIGGBY® not only walked away with 100’s of new leads, but they gained a wealth of knowledge about what potential franchisees were interested in.

Over the next 12 months this new information helped lead them into a series of internal/external changes within the organization that focused on how they, “Exist to Love People”.

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