Create My Own 12 Month Hobby List

Step 1:

Before you can start creating your own 12 Month Hobby List, you first must understand what makes you a person.

Why do you do what you do? 

Not just the place you work, but what do you do on a daily basis.
Why do you do that daily?
Is your daily routine based on the habits of other people.
Perhaps it is dictated by a demanding work schedule.
Whatever the reason for your daily routine we all get stuck in a specific way of doing things.
When you take small steps that breaks up your routine, certain things will start to happen.
  • Your energy level may increase
  • New ideas come to you easier
  • Your passion for life begins to awaken

We All Get Stuck in a Routine:

  • You Wake Up

  • Maybe Shower

  • Breakfast (hopefully)

  • Arrive @ Work

  • Go To Lunch

  • Leave Work

  • Eat Dinner

  • Sleep & Repeat

Step 2:

Now that you have an understanding of your “being” and what makes you tick. Create an unedited list of things your interested in, never tried before, or you used to do.
Think back to when you were in grade school. The things you filled your day with were very important to you on some level. As you grew up most of them probably fell to the wayside because of school, friends, family, and life in general.
There is never a bad time to reignite some of those passions. 

Step 3:

Trim down your list in to three groups.
  • Can’t Live Without
  • It Would Be Nice To Try
  • I’ll Try It Later

These groups will help narrow the selection down to 12 topics for your first year of hobbies. But don’t feel down in the dumps if you only have 6 or 7 total ideas. These ideas could be broken up into several months depending on the complexity of the project/hobby.

It All Starts With Why

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