The 3 Steps in Creating

The Original Home Page of from the website launch

Three Steps


However this was after:

  • Having a paper route when I was 10
  • Watching my dad sell custom jewelry at our dinner table
  • Helping my mom at Art/Craft Shows
  • Selling candy during lunch hours in grade school
    • Which was doing better than our school store.
  • Working in a beer recycling plant during High School
  • Starting a clothing line, Düx Coope and selling them at parties
  • 2 1/2 Years at Community College
  • Working at 100’s of odd jobs
  • 5 1/2 years of undergraduate schooling studying art
  • Working at a screen print company
  • Working at a digital media company
  • Inventing and Patenting an invention, Ratchet Net Cargo System
To be completely honest, the whole process took well over 3 steps. In all actuality, it is taking a lot longer than planned.
You see, creating a company doesn’t happen over night. There are certainly a lot of Life Hackers and You Tube stars that make you think they started right away and became an immediate success. The above accomplishments, however successful they may have been, were small steps towards a much larger goal. These baby steps helped mold into what it has become today. While the actual URL is only about a year old, its been a struggle to brand the work as such.
The first URL purchase on the path to happened January of 2005. The name Selection 50 came from a vintage ad that was being cut up to make a collage. It lasted for three years in many forms or another until it ended up in the URL trash bin.


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