Turning Manure into Marinara

What would you say if someone told you they could turn manure into marinara?
Yeah right.
They’d have to be some kind of magician.
Actually, that happens all the time. It’s just known as growing a garden then making the sauce.
There have been a bunch of essential steps removed in the phrasing of the question above, but the point is that a process can give the illusion of magic (but patience and planning are key).
So remember, anything that seems magical or impossible to do can be broken down into a process and accomplished, if you have the right mindset.

It is all about the process and mindset.

  1. Get Some Manure
  2. Let it Compost for 12 months
  3. Spread Composted Manure
  4. Plant a tomato seed (and other needed ingredients)
  5. Water It
  6. Watch It
  7. Water It
  8. Weed It
  9. Water It
  10. Harvest crop
  11. Cook it
  12. Jar It Up
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